Hi. I'am Irwan,

Born in 1982. 1,422.9 km cycling so far.

A PhD Student at Kumamoto University actually. A new born PhD that teach at here.
But prefers to known as long life learner and passionate researcher at RESET Indonesia.

I love peanuts, love to use this pee and eat those nuts. I hate Indonesian soap opera. Here's why.

In daily life, I implements Mr.P philosophy:

Always at front. Hard and gentle. Naturally life savior. Collision is a must. In the end, when the mission accomplished, never to shows off, and better being a small for the next missions.


I'am Irwan,

Anyway. Here what you can do. Say hello to me, so I know you've been here. Grab what was came from my dirtymind. Or just peek something that I've been capture.

I'd love to be in serious mode. Contact me, if you are deadly serious guy and willing to make a few billion bucks.

Once again, Hi, I'am Irwan. And I proudly spend spare time for play, life and happy as daddy.