Problem is something we need sometimes. The confession about why using GNU/Linux.

January, 20 2011. 2 minutes read.

Problems? What? Are you out your mind? Do you nuts? Why you need that damn problem? You do not like peaceful thing?

No, I really support the peacefull things, I was not trouble maker. This problem is connected with IT stuff, IT experience and research in IT world. The problem when I was windows user, I always deal with damn virus problem. Even, it's not guarantee, when every day updating the antivirus. Also when use anti adware, antispyware.

So do little search, found this page. All I knew that he said, GNU/Linux is no need Antivirus. Because Linux is small market than Microsoft Windows. OK that's make senses. I quit (using windows)!.
When I decided to be very awesome and good guy with migrating to GNU/Linux, I really got a damn much problems, like my sound card laptop not working, cannot play .avi files, extremly, my wifi card can be used, only ethernet card that works.

Honestly it consuming my resource though, but i never feel exhaust, and otherwise, it give me some curious feeling over and over again, and yeah, i don't think it useless to solve my problems.

Many friend give some negative quotes:Why you so hardening to use some difficult operating system?, Why you don't use a very very easy Operating System?, It only need to click setup, when you need install something. And many people use it.
Yeah it's true that using Windows is easier, but I told you, I want to be safe. And knowing what application that runned, only use GNU/Linux you could felt those power.

Also. Knowing the who has been developed GNU/Linux, inspired me to share my knowledge. And make me more sure about my path to be lecturer. And now as lecturer, I push my student use open document format to make report on their assignment. I don't accept other format. Like my lecture was, he push me using .doc and .ppt format. I think, it's fair enough if I push ny student now. It is not about free or paid. But it is about power that you have or not. What about you? Still using Microsoft Windows? Think again!

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