Do you GNU/Linux Beginner? Hard to find the right OS?

January, 27 2011.. 1 minutes read.

Try this one.

It seems you ask some of those questions:
1. Do you want use super easy Operating System to Operate ?
2. Did you want to use the robustness operating system that could prevent all kind of virus?
3. Do you know join the awesome community that always concern educated people with better education especially with IT?

Use BlankOn GNU/Linux. It is freedom to use, it mean freedom to download, freedom to modification, or what. BlankOn OS is easy to Operate. But if you feel inconvenient just inform the community. Join #blankon on IRC. The main goal of this project is how to preserve sophisticate technology that ran into low hardware requirement. Also BlankOn OS support many language, especially local tribe language in Indonesia.
Once install BlankOn OS, you also get installed the basic program that you need such as: Office, Browser, Music/movie/VCD/DVD/MP3 player, Internet Application(Browser, Chat), Utility(Startup Disk, Disk burner), Do you found this when you install Windows?

Ok. Where I do supposed to start? Just get the ISO. But if you not sure where and how to use BlankOn OS, email me. I will install you laptop with BlankOn for just a cup of cofee and some pretzel. Also, with one condition, no Dual boot with windows. That`s all.

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