Why I do blog?

Maret, 16 2013. 6 minutes read.

Dude: Come on dude, nowadays you still do blog? Why?
Me: Sure, why not? I'am sorry. Why you ask this?

Dude: I mean, there are birds or "books" already. Why the heck you still stuck with blog things?
Me: Well, some how, you need to express not only short/quick thought, then you share it. Those tools will works when you need to express something quickly. Like : I've been here-things. Reporting your happy life. Blogging has a different sense. While blogging I felt like having a big and long penis then use it properly, and feel it grateful could express what I have. Twittering is just like one night stand. blogging is just like marriage, you need strong commitment to do it (as daily basis, Gentlement!). Last but not least, with blogging, I do grateful the gift from God. One of them is having big P.

Dude: Wait, you really have "that"?
Me: Should I shown it?

Dude: Ok. Give me the damn reason why I should read your blog?
Me: Well, I don't have the correct answer, sorry. Like I don't have any clue that why you still stuck with reading this pity conversations. Furthermore, you read it while you have the special black javacoffee or lay down with your Ipad under the tree. Honestly, I do blog as a part of mental therapy, cure my dirty mind.

Me: Anyway, let have some coffee dude!
Dude: left the joined chat.

Disclaimer: I really have big P.

Kindly tell me why you do blog?

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