D.I.R.T.Y Mindset ® - Part 1.

September, 8 2013. 1 minutes read.

Hai awesome, Let's have a dirty mindset's. Do not directly said: "what the fuck? "

Serioulsy, nothing wrong with D.I.R.T.Y Mindset ®. As long as your mindset's be D.I.R.T.Y as:
Documenting your
Research and
Travel as
Young as possible.

Right. Do anything as young as possible. The concept of D.I.R.T.Y, inspired when making the concept for our research group, which is our mission to empower teenage do research as young as possible.

Why started to research as young as possible?

Because, when people still in young age (or people that felt still young - like me), they never affraid to take a risk. The do all possiblities, never affraid to blown something. Also, they did it with fun. They do not think anyone has done it. As soon they has some interesting thing to learn or research they will questioning a lot of things: How could this happened?. You may remembered when your mother told you that when you swallow everything just because you are curious of it.
Different with adults. Yes, being adult is becoming wise, but we are more chicken shit to take a risk. We always said (for excuse): Normally, we follow the rules. Fuck the complex rules!. Make simple rules. My simply rules is research should be fun. Eventhough sometime I mad with someone judge some research by the grammar that used. And yes, I admit that my writing skil is awful. And still felt awful when writing some publication. But part of me pushing me to have good writing skill and learn to improve my story teller skill. Deliver the the main idea (based on those simply tricks). Just what I did in this log. I preserve your convinience while reading this log. Don't worry, I love to do this.

Back to research as young as possible, do it soon. Before you old and don't have much time. Just like me now.

To be continoued. Sorry time to eat!

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