#bansky #banskyny

November, 20 2013. 9 minutes read.

Meet the Bansky, an anonymous street art that his work being most wanted. Especially his project called #banskyny.

The short Introductions about this man, clearly shown in his pages: "Better out than in."

And quotes from his favorite quotes. (Maybe). "All pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be good as those done outside." quotes by Paul Cezanne. Yes. He is an epic graffiti artist.
Why he's work so "purple" cow? Here's my pov:

1. Anonymous.

Yep. He wanted by police. But, what he has done by mistaken? Well, mysteriously are bridged to curiosity. Yeah, we are technology driven generation. Curiosity is become as hunger for us.

2. He's Nerd.
I mean, just look in his humble and so handmade website design. I bet he's a nerd. And hate flash.

3. Compactly enjoyable art.

Well, even me not in NY now, I could enjoy his works. Through only websites and provide the audio. While I am an not in NY, I still could enjoy his art completely. Well, I consider him ever live in Japan.

4. Value
Yup, I've been tapped by his value that delivered. I quote from his audio on the last day:"Art should deliver the message".
There is a difference between Art and design.

Art is just like masturbation. An self expression that only ourself is involved. Well, we just need a neo artist. Yet tell the story/message behind the art.

Design is like a sex. We need others to do it. Design are talking about solutions and solve problems.

5. Deep work is involved. No comment about this. I just have to feel that his art, made by intensively deep work. A deep work to "edutain" us.

6. Epic marketing.

This is an awesome portfolio for him. Beside obtain the certification. He was catching the eyes of head hunter already.

Ok. But there another cons from me. I should deliver a message to him. This about his post on October 6. About fighters video (sorry i use word "fighters" rather than "rebels"). "Man, you should not make a joke about others fighting. They fight for freedoms. Please, if you kindly just search what happened in there". (I think you did this already).

Sorry, I am not talking about law aspect. But I found interesting storytelling about it at #banskyny art work.

Disclaimer: 1. #banskyny not meaning he is from NY, but while he travels to NY in a month. He's from British literally. 2. I am not n3rd.